Extension of our certificates (May 2019)

Hamann International Logistics nv is proud to announce that we were successfully audited and that the following certificates have been extended:

For the 3rd year in a row, the Sustainable Business Charter rewards the hard work of Hamann International Logistics nv to take info account the influence we have on the quality of the living environment, the climate, energy consumption, etc.

With the 5th extension of the Bio Certificate, Hamann International Logistics nv shows that it has the necessary experience for the storage and transport of goods with the organic label, such as compliance with all requirements of tracebility and document, stock management, etc.

The IFS Certificate is extended for the 4th time and is a guarantee for our customers that Hamann International Logistics nv is able to transport goods with high requirements in terms of food safety, product integrity, food defense and food fraud.  An extensive HACCP manual has been prepared for this, with matching action plan and control mechanisms.


Hamann continues to expand with a new building in Wetteren (April 2019)

With 170 employees and a rapidly increasing turnover which is likely to exceed the 85 million euro mark in 2019, Hamann International Logistics is experiencing successful and busy times.

Despite additional office and storage space in Wetteren and Lokeren, we are expecting capacity shortages to meet the expected growth.

In order to anticipate, we decided to look for a logistically well placed terrain, preferably in the neighbourhood of our existing infrastructure.

We acquired a large piece of land, in the industrial area “Biezeweg” in Wetteren, about 2,5 kilometers away from our existing infrastructure.

At the moment, the existing industrial building, at the property, is being demolished and the land is being prepared for construction. This work will be completed by the end of next month.

The terrain has a surface of 23.502 m², on which a a cross-dock warehouse of 7.000 m² with 51 loading docks, 800 m² office space and sufficient parking space for trucks and cars will be built.

Besides our transshipment activities, a couple of (other) services will be accommodated here.

We are already looking forward to spring 2020, the moment that we will start using this new location.

The existing cross-dock warehouse at Vantegem will then be transformed into additional storage space.

This investment involves an amount of approximately 12 million euro.


Logistics & Distribution 3&4 October Brussels Expo (August 2018)

The employees and direction of Hamann International Logistics nv would like to invite you to the Logistics & Distribution fair in the Brussels Expo on Expo on Wednesday 3 (11h-19h) and Thursday 4 (11h-18h) October.

You can find us at our Hamann stand n° 4.C38 to learn more about our services or to talk about a future coorperation.

If you are interested, you can schedule an appointment with one of our commercial colleagues.  Please inform us in advance so we can be sure this colleague will be present at that moment.

Ask your free entrance badge here with your personal code 10026.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the fair !

Environment Charter (June 2018)

Last year Hamann International Logistics nv obtained the Environment charter for the 9th time.

We also received the confirmation of our letter of intent to take part in the VOKA Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter 2017, where we were required to take at least 10 actions around the 17 sustainability objectives of the United Nations with at least 1 action within each of the 5 P's: People, Prosperity, Planet, Peace and Partnership.

One year later we are proud to announce that Hamann International Logistics nv has been awarded the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter.  This based on the sustainability policy and the actions that have been executed during the year 2017.  Hamann focused on objective 9: industry, innovation and infrastructure.  The renewal of our fleet by new trucks with a positive impact on the environment and safety was the case we developed.

Only 41 companies from East-Flanders received this charter.  A reason to be proud and to share this with our customers, suppliers & partners.

Renewal of our certificates (May 2018)

Hamann International Logistics nv is proud to announce that we succesfully passed 3 audits and that the following certificates have been renewed:

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter rewards Hamann International Logistics nv, for the 2nd time, for our effort to take into account the effect we have on the quality of the environment, climate, energy consumption, etc.

With the 4th renewal of the Bio Certificate Hamann International Logistics nv shows we own the necessary experience to store goods with the bio label.

The IFS Certificate gets renewed for the 3rd time and is a guarantee for our customers that Hamann International Logistics nv is able to transport goods with high requirements in terms of food safety and product integrity.

Belgium: Road works on the ring of Antwerp (R1) (March 2018)

There is a road subsidence on the ring of Antwerp (R1), near Deurne. To avoid further damage and to guarantee the safety of the road users, repairs are needed. The reinforced concrete of the three right-hand lanes will be fully renewed over a length of 15 meters. The road works will last for 6 days and 7 nights, they will be performed during the second week of the Easter holiday. In the weeks preceding the repairs they will already conduct a few preparations during the night. Heavy traffic trouble is expected.

The road works will start Monday evening the 9th of April and will be finished during the night from Sunday 15th on Monday the 16th of April. In the direction of the Netherlands there will be 4 lanes unavailable, three to conduct the works and one for safety.

  • The traffic in the direction of the Netherlands will get two additional lanes on the inner ring via a passage through the central median strip. The traffic on the ring in the direction towards the Netherlands has four lanes available, one of which is reserved for traffic coming from the E313. The traffic in the direction of Ghent will have three lanes.
  • The exit and the ramp at Deurne will be closed during the road works. Traffic must detour via the exit and the ramp of Merksem.

The connections from and to the E313 will remain open. However, the connection of the E313 on the ring will be brought to one lane.

Due to these drastic works, there may be delays on national and international transports.

Hamann East (March 2018)

It’s already been six months since the start of our services to the CIS countries, Iraq and Iran.

In the meantime we have become a reliable and competitive partner in these new markets for various companies under the device “Hamann goes East”.

For those who haven’t tried this service yet, we would like to mention that Hamann offers you a one-stop-shopping service on all these countries. We take care of the collection, the international transport, the customs services in Russia and Ukraine with our own customs brokers and with reliable partners in the other countries. And overmore we organize the delivery to the discharging facilities. This goes for your export and import shipments.

For further questions, information, tariffs and orders you can contact your commercial key account or the operational team : Jonas Verhelst, Inna Jermackova and Goritsa Georgieva or get in touch with Johan Galle who is responsible for the overall development of these markets.

Obtained ISO-certificates (February 2018)

Hamann International Logistics recently brought its quality and environmental management system to a higher level.  We brought the quality system in line with the new ISO9001:2015 standards and took at the same time the opportunity to validate our existing environmental management system in accordance with the ISO14001:2015 standard.  Hamann has endured this audit succesfully and is proud to introduce our 2 new certificates.

This proves Hamann International Logistics operates in accordance with the 2 most widely used management standards and ensures continuous innovation and improvement.

SCAN_Certificate BE010641-1_ISO 9001 2015_Hamann_international_logistics_nv_2018-2021_ENG.pdf

SCAN_Certificate BE010642_ISO 14001 2015_Hamann_international_logistics_nv_2018-2021_ENG.pdf

Hamann goes East (September 2017)

Thanks to the expansion of our network to the CIS countries, Iran and Iraq, Hamann will be a reliable and competitive partner in this part of the world as well.  With this mailing we would like to announce the startup of these markets.  In these areas, with Russia as main country, Hamann offers you a one-stop-shopping solution.  Your complete transport flow in one hand: from loading, via international transport, own customs agencies in Russia and Ukraine, reliable partners in other countries, till delivery at your client place.

Would you like to test our service?

Book now your first orders to these countries and maybe we will book a city trip for you to one of the most beautiful cities of these places.  On Thursday evening October 26th, the winners will be announced on the "Hamann goes East" event.

Price requests and orders can be sent to

Hamann International Logistics invests (May 2017)

In 2017, Hamann International Logistics will invest 4 million Euro in new office space and storage capacity in Wetteren.  It is our intention to start with the construction of 800 sqm additional office space over 3 floors, after the summer holidays.  This space will be integrated in the existing building.  Beginning of 2018 we will also create extra cross-dock capacity and extra loading bays.  The capacity will be increased with 2700 sqm, or 3500 pallet spaces.  Parking locations for cars and trucks, as well as trailers will also be planned.  The total investment will amount to 4 million Euro.

GM Supplier of the Year Awards (April 2017)

Hamann International Logistics from Wetteren, Belgium was named a GM Supplier of the Year by General Motors during its 25th annual Supplier of the Year Awards ceremony held Friday 31st March in Orlando, Florida.


GM counts 20.000 suppliers and recognized 118 of their best suppliers in different fields from 15 countries as Supplier of the Year.

The Awards were given to companies that have consistently exceeded GM’s expectations, that created outstanding value or brought new innovations to the company. According to Steve Kiefer, GM Vice President Global Purchasing and Supply Chain, the companies that were recognized not only have brought innovation, but they delivered it with the quality that GM-customers deserve and require.

Hamann was elected in the category “Logistics” together with nine other winning companies coming from the United States, Far East and Europe.
Managing director Wim Libaers and Project & Accountmanager Johan Galle received the trophy from Todd J. Scott, Executive Director Global Supply Chain and from James Bovenzi, Executive Director Demand Supply.

For Hamann this Award is a reward for over 25 years of cooperation with the GM plants in Europe, for Opel as well as for Vauxhall and Chevrolet. Hamann has been appointed as the exclusive logistics partner for Belgium and the Netherlands for the collection and delivery of all production parts into the plants in Germany and Austria as well as Opel Antwerp, till that plant closed down in 2010. Overmore Hamann delivers all spare parts from the central warehouses in Germany towards the regional distribution centres in Belgium, Holland, France, United Kingdom and Scandinavia. All collections and deliveries are made after close consultation with the customer, with whom we developed personalized systems for order entry order status follow up, just-in-time collection and delivery, documentation and invoicing. All existing contracts were recently extended until 2020. Our total turnover with GM is around 9 million euro, which makes them one of our largest customers.

 The recent acquisition of Opel and Vauxhall by PSA will stop the future cooperation with General Motors. However the contacts with the European plants and the decision makers are excellent and Hamann is therefore convinced that they can look forward full of confidence to a succesful relationship with the new strong group.

New trailers (April 2017)

Hamann International Logistics will continue to grow and invest in 2017.  Soon to arrive 12 brand new trailers.

VOKA Charter Sustainable Management (March 2017)

Hamann International Logistics succesfully passed an audit on 21/03/2017 in relation to the VOKA Charter Sustainable Management.  The audit demonstrated that in 2016 Hamann International Logistics also saw the required realisations and growth in the field of quality of living environment, climate, energy, etc, and extended these realisations and growth to other sustainability themes such as risk management, people friendly enterprise, dialogue with stakeholders, social engagement, etc.  The presentation of the award will take place on June 21st 2017.

IFS Audit (March 2017)

Hamann International Logistics succesfully passed its second IFS audit this month, and lifted its IFS Logistics certificate to a higher level.  This certificate entails that Hamann controls the crucial factors relating to food safety and product integrity, from tracebility to adequate measures on the critical management points, adherance to hygiene rules and regulations, continuous improvement of its processes, internal audits and controle, and food defence.  This certificate again enhances the structured service Hamann provides, and we hope to further enlarge our customer's confidence in Hamann.

An extension of the contract General Motors (January 2017)

Hamann has extended its contract with General Motors for another 3 years. This means we keep supplying the production parts from Belgium and the Netherlands to Germany and Austria, and we continue facilitating the transport of empty packages to Belgium and Netherlands. The contract has been extended until June 2020.

This contract is the first long-term agreement from our customer database at Hamann. We are already taking care of these transports for GM since 1992 and we are very proud with this good cooperation and trust that GM has in us.

IFS (May 2016)

Hamann International Logistics has successfully endured its first IFS audit. That's why we are very proud to announce you we received the IFS Logistics "higher level" certificate. This certificate proofs that Hamann controls the main factors concerning food safety and food integrity. This goes from traceability to effective measures for the most critical points, observing the hygienic prescriptions, internal audits and controls, and food defense. Once again this certificate ratifies the structured service Hamann is offering to its clients. With this additional certificate, we hope to be an even more reliable partner to our clients. 

New partners to the Scandinavian countries (March 2015)

In order to strengthen our distribution channels, we started a partnership with Modul Transport to Denemark, Ntex to Norway and Sweden & NCS International Transport and Logistics to Finland on March 1st.

Due to the co-operation with these companies, Hamann can offer an even better service to the Scandinavian countries, both for groupage and partloads, and also for full truck loads. 

We are convinced that with these new trump cards, we can further optimalize our service.


Extension of the contract District Carrier Belgium and the Netherlands for Opel (18 december 2014)

Hamann International Logistics NV has been indicated again by Opel's 4PL to transport parts for the production at Tier-1 in Belgium and the Netherlands as well as to transport spare parts for Opel factories in Germany and Austria. Hamann also has been indicated as Regional Distribution Center for the consolidation of the same parts for the GM factories in Poland and UK, This contract will be extended for 2,5 years as from January 2015. This contract has been executed by Hamann nonstop since 1992 to the client's satisfaction.

Hamann International Logistics optimizes its Warehouse in Wetteren with NaviTrans WMS (6 May 2014)

It's the ambition of Hamann International Logistics NV to be a trendsetter and to offer our customers a competitive advantage. Our services are characterized by inventiveness, strategy, quality and productivity.

To keep satisfying the demands of our customers, we replace our existing WMS system. After a profound analysis and evaluation, NaviTrans has been restrained.

This choice has been determined not only by the flexibility and possibilities of NaviTrans WMS, but also by its continuous innovation and strategy on the long term to work at a complete software-platform.

New: Price requests online (April 2014)

As from now on the Online Spot Prices are launched. This is a new tool for our customers. They now have the possibility to request their prices online thanks to the Hamann WebApps.


  • You receive your tariff immediately
  • 24/24 and 7/7 at your disposal
  • From Spot Price to Order in 1 click

We hope to offer our clients a better and faster service. 

Don't have a login? Contact our Customer Service,, and receive today your login and password.

Good luck!

Start of the Paperless Office (March 2014)

The employees of Hamann International Logistics started working with the Paperless Office. Everything will be available and saved online, that's why there will be barely printed in the future. All transport files, documents, etc. are accessible for everyone. The switch was prepared well the past weeks and months, and in march the launch has been successful. Hamann hopes to continue this positive trend the following weeks and months and hopes to contribute in a positive way to the environment and to improve their service to the clients by a faster and a more correct communication.

Environmental charter 2013 obtained! (February 2014)

For the 6the year in a row, Hamann International Logistics obtains its environmental charter. The distribution of the certificate will take place in the course of the year 2014. In the meantime, Hamann keeps doing its best for the environment. One of the bigger projects is the Paperless Office on which all the colleagues are working very hard.

Visit us  at the Transport & Logistics fair in Antwerp (August 2013)

Just like 2 years ago, Hamann International Logistics is present at the Transport & Logistics fair in the Antwerp Expo. The fair takes place on the 15th, 16th and 17th of October. You can find us in hall 4, on stand 4.007. You can register for free on the website.

On the 20th of June Hamann receives its Environmental Charter 2013 (June 2013)

Thursday evening, the 20th of June, Hamann International Logistics is proud to receive the certificate of the Environmental Charter 2012. The presentation took place in the new VOKA buildings in Ghent. This certificate proves that, also in 2012, Hamann was concerned about the environment and did her best to take the right steps.

Hamann installs an Intelligent Video System (May 2013)

Hamann International Logistics nv is the first logistic partner in Belgium to install a VLS camera system. 85 cameras in and round our warehouse will guarantee a better surveillance and a better follow-up/localization of our goods.

Contract GM aftersales UK prolonged (March 2013)

Hamann International Logistics is proud to announce to you that their contract with General Motors Aftersales UK has been prolonged. This contract means daily transports of the VOR parts between Germany and UK, and vice versa. This agreement will be prolonged for 3 years, as from the 1st of April.

Hamann signs contract with Mazda Motors (November 2012)

Hamann International Logistics signed a contract with Mazda Motor LogisticsEurope, in November,  for the transport of spare and production parts from different countries in Europe to the European Parts and Distribution Center of Mazda in Willebroek. Thanks to this contract, Mazda extends its collaboration with Hamann and Hamann enhances its position in the Automotive sector.

Our Website has a new look & feel  (8th of November 2012)

Hamann International Logistics welcomes you on its new website. After several years, we decided we needed a new look & feel. We focused on a better structure and overview of the Hamann activities, so you can quickly find what you need. Please enjoy your visit in this new layout!

Hamann International scores very well on service to clients (8th of November 2012)

Every month, Hamann gets a quality score from her client General Motors. For 2012 our score has been 100% every month, for outbound Belgium – Holland. For the inbound services we scored monthly 98% in 2012, for deliveries at Opel in Vienna.

Entrepreneurs in East-Flanders: Efficiency & green innovation (8th of November 2012)

In the November edition of the magazine “Entrepreneurs in East-Flanders” of the VOKA, appeared an interview with our Managing Director, Wim Libaers. The central topic in this article is the need for innovation in what we think and how we act. In the article Wim Libaers refers to the green innovation inside our company such as more and more electronic communication with our clients. This green innovation is extended in our daily transport activities such as the combination of orders on our trucks that is determined by our logistic software to make sure we have the best combination.
Wim Libaers also mentioned briefly that Hamann will extend its one-stop-shop-offer on new growing markets such as Russia, Turkey and Brazil.

New contracts (August 2012)

Hamann International Logistics signed in August a new contract for 3 years, with Confiserie Van Damme, a candy producer in Wetteren. Hamann will store a permanent stock of 700 pallets and wil organize the distribution to different European countries. 28th of August 2012 Hamann International Logistics is also glad to announce that its agreement with GM France will be prolonged for 3 years. This contract contains the delivery of spare parts for the French market to the central depot in Paris. The spare parts come from Germany & Spain.

Hamann International Logistics is also glad to announce that its existing agreement with Benteler Automotive will be prolonged for 3 years. This contract contains the delivery of production parts, that Benteler in ghent purchases on ex-factory base. Benteler makes the axles for the Volvo Cars factory in Ghent.

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